Fall is really here and I love it...

Dear blog friends !
I am finally back with my blog again. Fall is here and with fall all the fantastic cozy garments , for me it is absolutely the best time of the year . Fashion wise but also mood wise. I just love all the lights we get to light in our homes and aaaaah I love everything about this season.
My new collection is also here so why not take a litte look at what I have been working with for the last months ...
                                                EDEN BLOUSE 
Eden Blouse is a  silk satin blouse made in the sweetest colours I could find
for this season ... Mixed some with two colours ... At this very moment I am working  with some new colours too.
Eden Blouse  , a blouse so easy to dress up or down . My model Vilma is wearing the season silk satin skirt and the eden blouse .Dressed like this you could be ready for a night out... I personally love to wear the Eden Blouse with my favourite pair of jeans , but then again I am a  jeans lover ...
Until next time Dear friends and here some words of wisdom to take with you this day "
"The people in your life should be a source of reducting stress , not causing more of it "
With this written , bye for now and I hope you have a fantastic evening wherever you are " :-)
Bisous / Andrea Labbé